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  1. Shell Spring Clip

    Shell spring cafe clip
    The shell spring clip is available in Read More
  2. Leaf Spring Clip

    Leaf spring cafe clip
    The leaf spring clip is available in Read More
  3. Hook Ring

    Hook rings
    Pack of 50 steel or brass hooks for wire systems. Read More
  4. Pincer Ring Clip

    Brass pincer ring clip
    Brass ring clips for use on wire systems or poles and cafe rods up to 16mm diameter. Pincer ring clips are priced and sold individually. Read More
  5. Closed Ring Clip 20pk

    Closed ring clip
    These clips have a closed ring and are designed for wire syste. As the ring is closed they must be threaded onto the wire first. Hook clips are in packs of 20. Read More
  6. Cafe Clip

    Brass cafe clip
    The cafe clip is available in three sizes and three finishes as an alternative to curtain rings or for adding more decoration to curtain wires and cafe rods. Read More
  7. Walcot Pin Rivet

    Walcot steel and black pin rivets
    Replacement stainless steel pin rivets for the Walcot Universal Rings and Read More

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