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Bay Windows


In this section you will find all products that  are suitable for bay windows. Some can be bent by hand, some have pre-bent components, some are custom-made to your exact requirements.

To quote you for a custom-made item we would ask you to complete our bay window enquiry form. If you are unsure which system would best suit your window please fill in the form, describing as best you can, what it is you would like and we will advise you on what we think will best suit your needs.

Bradley Steel Bay Pole in brass toned finish
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  1. Jago Net Rod Accessories - Solid connectors

    Jago solid connector
    For joining lengths of Jago Bay Rod together. Read More
  2. Jago Bay Window Net Rod

    Jago Bay Window Net Rod
    Flexible white plastic rod designed for hanging net curtains around all types of bay windows. Forms a bow of up to 5m or can be formed around angles in a multi angle bay window using the unique flexible corner conectors. For face, side and top fixing. Read More
  3. Jago Net Rod Accessories - Mid support bracket

    Jago mid support bracket
    Extra support for Jago Adjustable net rod and Jago Bay Rod. Read More
  4. Jago Net Rod Accessories - Support Bracket

    Jago Supprt brackets
    Wall brackets for Jago Adjustable net rod, bay rod end and mid support brackets. Read More
  5. Jago Net Rod Accessories - Adhesive pad

    Jago adhesive pads
    Adhesive pads for mid support brackets and support brackets where screw fixing is not suitable. Read More
  6. Jago Net Rod Accessories - Flexible corner connector

    Jago flexible connector
    For joining lengths of Jago Bay Rod together to form angles around bays. Read More
  7. Jago Net Rod Accessories - Bay Rod End Brackets

    Jago bay rod ends
    Extra end brackets for the Jago Bay Rod. Read More
  8. Speedy IDC Premiere Poles Apart 28mm 3 Sided Bay Pole Kit

    Speedy Premier IDC Nikola 3 Sided Bay Pole Kit
    IDC Nikola Bay Pole from Speedy is a semi-complete 28mm diameter bay ...... Read More
  9. Swish 28mm Mix & Match Rings

    Swish 28mm Mix & Match Rings
    Standard rings for straight poles are available in four finishes in packs of six. Passing rings are available in three finishes in packs of six. Read More
  10. Speedy 19mm County Bay Pole Set

    19mm Speedy County Bay Pole
    County 19mm bay pole set is available in silver effect and black. The standard kit will fit any two bend bay up to 210cm across the main part of the window and 100cm at each side and can be wall or ceiling mounted. The notched bendable sections of the pole can be bent to any angle up to 90°. Reverse bends can be achieved with the addition of the reverse bend kit which allows the pole to extend out of the bay and back against the room walls. Read More
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