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Common Pole Components

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  1. Wood Pole Overlap arm

    Wood Pole Overlap Arm
    Overlap arm that can be added to the last 2 rings at the leading edge of the right hand curtain to allow Read More
  2. Pole joining screw

    Pole joining screw
    Double ended wood screw for joining lengths of pole together Read More
  3. Spare Bracket Fixing Plate

    Spare Bracket Fixing Plate
    Invisible metal fixing plates available in 40mm or 50mm diameter for fixing wood cup brackets to the wall. Read More
  4. Clip On Ring Eye

    Clip On Ring Eye
    Clear plastic clip-on eyes are used as an alternative to standard curtain hooks. The top part hooks through the curtain ring and Read More
  5. Integra Corded Track & Pole Cord Tensioner

    Integra cord tensioner IBA20080
    Spring loaded cord tensioner from Integra for any corded track or pole with Read More

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